2014 Angel Drop

The Phoenix Metro Group is proud to partner again with Groundwork Ministries for the 2014 Angel Drop Community Program.

In 2013 we were able to help 5 families by raising over $1000 in addition to toy and clothes donations. Our goal angel drop 2014for 2014 is to expand our reach.

Groundwork will provide local families in need of assistance for the holidays with food, gifts and/or giftcards. We understand how difficult it can be during the Holiday Season for families to provide joyful memories when the stress of day to day worries is too much of a burden due to illness, unemployment, divorce or other hardship. Some families receive toys/chothes for their children, some families receive assistance in food and payment of electric/water or other bills.

We are looking for recommendations by local people on which families to focus our attention on this year. Once the families are chosen the wish list will be posted. In the mean time, donations of cash or gift cards will be accepted. Please message us at PhoenixMetroGroup@gmail.com to donate.

To recommend a family fill out the form below.