Do you know the 3 Standards of a wise Phoenix real estate investment?

We’ve been helping you with maximizing Net Worth & Cash Flow. There are 3 standards to help you make a wise investment in either capacity:

  1. You must not violate cash flow. Every property you  you buy needs to cash flow at least $1/month – We suggest closer to $100/month standardsfrom the day you buy it.
  2. Your net worth will increase on most any real estate investment through debt pay down. (regardless of appreciation)
  3. An ideal property property should look like this:

                                    Cash Flow = $150-$200/mo
Located in a decent neighborhood where property is not depreciating
Has a reasonable average of expected appreciation

Let us know if you need help finding properties for a Phoenix Real Estate Invsestment. Call the group at: 480-730-5068 –

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