5 Worst things about selling a home

sell my home in phoenix let's get real
Amy Gerrish, Top Agent at the Phoenix Metro Group

We have identified 5 of the WORST realities you’ll face when you have to sell your home in Phoenix: 

  1.  CLEANING THE INSIDE: You need to keep your house pristine. By prisitine we mean with absolutely no evidence that humans actually live there. Ok, ok, we know this sounds a little dramatic. The good news is that it really only needs to be this clean once in the process, that is for when our professional photographer comes through. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression and nowadays the internet and all those fancy home search apps is your home’s first impression to the world. Make it clean, make it count. The rest of the time, keep it clean and keep an empty laundry basket nearby. When you get a showing request simply take 15 minutes and do a basket toss of items lying around and whip it into the garage.
  2. CLEANING THE OUTSIDE: Not only do you need to keep your house pristine, but you need to keep your yard the same way. Curb appeal is so important. If you’re not sure if your home has great curb appeal we can make  some recommendations when we arrive for our FREE IN HOME CONSULT.
  3. YOUR PETS: You must leave when you have showings. Not only must you leave, but your animals must leave too.  Or at the bare minimum have them crated or put in the back yard or garage. Don’t even get me started on the litter box, put it outside. People will forever refer to your house as “the cat house” and it will deter an offer.
  4. YAY! YOUR FIRST SHOWING: So now you, your cat, dog, and three kids are in your car driving around in circles waiting for the agent to show up and show your house… and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Jake forgot to use the potty, and now he  is hungry, the cat just peed in your car, and you are missing Dr. Phil… where is the agent??????? Finally, 32 minutes after he said he would be there he shows up, wearing shorts and flip flops, and takes the buyers in… and 5 minutes later they leave??? What the heck was that? What happened? When your realtor calls for feedback she finds out they only want a single level home, no two stories. Are you kidding? It is listed as a two story, there are several pictures showing clearly it is a two story, you even have a picture of the stairs!!!!
  5. YOU GOT AN OFFER: You will get an offer! It might be a ridiculous offer. It will ask for crazy things, like for you to pay all of their closing costs, or for you to leave your brand new Rainbow swing set in the backyard, or sometimes even your pet if they happened to catch a glimpse of the adorable thing before you got him in the car. What are they thinking? You are just selling your HOUSE, not your life!

Learn how we combat the messy stuff and turn it into getting you the most money for your home!