Benefits of selling your home in the SUMMER!

LESS Competition Hits the Market



Summer is a great time to sell your home as supply is low and demand is adequate to fair.

LEarn Why people don’t sell their homes in the summer…

  1. Homeowners seem to realize their equity situation seems to always improve in the spring,  they will be LESS likely to put their homes on the market this in the summer and “wait until next year”.
  2. With the residential real estate sector outperforming a sluggish economy, people want to hang on to their equity and not make a move because they feel more secure.
  3. In Phoenix the summer HOT, many people don’t like making major decisions in the heat such has selling a home in the summer, unless they are forced with a job relocation. This leaves buyer’s with less move in ready homes to choose from and they often wander into builder models.