125 Steps to Close Your Home

There are so many steps it takes to get your home ready for buyers all the way to closing day.  Realtors take care of a ton of details behind the scenes that often times their client’s don’t see. Here is an exhausting list of the “Realtoring” we do on the behalf of a seller client. […]

85024 Current Market Snapshot

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10 Common clauses buyers use in their offers

There are many clauses in the contract that are put in place to protect both the buyer and seller. We know are way around real estate contract to keep you protected. 1. Loan Approval Contingency 2. Home Inspection Contingency 3. Lead Based Paint Contingency 4. Appraisal Contingency 5. HOA fee payment terms 6. Appraisal Contingency [...]

Phoenix Short Sale Specialists

Phoenix Short Sale Specialists What is a Short Sale?  As Phoenix short sale specialists, we can tell you that a short sale is when you owe the bank more than what your home is worth and you sell it. You are essentially “shorting” the bank the difference. The bank has to approve these types of sales. […]

5 Worst things about selling a home

We have identified 5 of the WORST realities you’ll face when you have to sell your home in Phoenix:   CLEANING THE INSIDE: You need to keep your house pristine. By prisitine we mean with absolutely no evidence that humans actually live there. Ok, ok, we know this sounds a little dramatic. The good news is […]