5 Worst things about selling a home

We have identified 5 of the WORST realities you’ll face when you have to sell your home in Phoenix:   CLEANING THE INSIDE: You need to keep your house pristine. By prisitine we mean with absolutely no evidence that humans actually live there. Ok, ok, we know this sounds a little dramatic. The good news is […]

My kids review of Odysea in Scottsdale (Reviews)

By Amy Gerrish This is a new attraction in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro. They are still building out the Dolphin section (which is under a lot of criticism), but have opened up the aquarium side for business.  It’s a large building with many exhibits on display. The sharks at the beginning (and oddly enough this attraction […]

Downtown Phoenix – Top 3 neighborhoods

    By Amy Gerrish   Today we are featuring the top 3 downtown Phoenix Neighborhoods in 2016 that have seen the biggest increase in value from the prior year. The national average is a 4%-6% increase Historic Districts The Downtown Phoenix Homes in the 35 historic districts seemed to have boosted considerably from the […]