Focus Phoenix! Your real estate investment is counting on you.

Phoenix Real Estate Investing – You are the head of your real estate investment portfolio. And, as any good leader, you must take action to define your portfolio. Start with these 4 Action Items to get you started:

1. Mission – Clearly define what what your purpose is in real estate investing. Are you looking to goalsbuild short term cash flow or long term wealth? Are you flipping or holding? Write out your mission and wear it proudly! What you focus on expands.

2. Set Your Goal – This is the dollar amount you want. Do you want to cash flow $300 per rental? Net $10,000 flip? 15% ROI on dollars invested? Be clear on your financial goal.

3. Strategy For Hitting Your Goal – Now that you have defined the monetary goal, how are you going to accomplish this? What neighborhoods are you going to buy in? How many homes do you need to buy in a month? In a quarter? In a year?  Where will you find the properties? Are you leveraging financing? Who will lend you the money? Who will help you find these properties?

4. Accountability – Yes! You need someone to hold you accountable. We suggest a weekly session! Do you meet with a business partner every week? Are you doing this by yourself? If so, we don’t want you to lose your mojo. Meeting with someone that knows your mission and goals will keep your focused in the game.

We at the Phoenix Metro Group are professional Real Estate Consultants. If you are just starting off building your real estate portfolio we are here to help you. We would be happy to sit down with you and help you define your mission, goals, strategy and meet with you weekly for accountability.

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