Home Program 101 Reviews

Home Program 101 Reviews

by: Amy Gerrish, Realtor

amy gerrish headshotWe started working with MoveThirty.com and their Home Program 101 back in April of 2014 as part of their Pilot launch in Phoenix.  We really like how it is set up. They help us find the best home programs for buyers, whether it is down payment assistance or just finding the best interest rate, and then we get to take them house shopping. It is so much fun helping people reach home ownership. Some people don’t qualify for a Home Program because they make too much money or their income is not enough. Some have to take care of a few credit issues before qualifying. If you don’t qualify because you have some credit issues, they will work with you on getting it cleaned up so that you can qualify. We plan on working with them in 2015 and beyond to help more people.

You can check them out here: HomeProgram101.com & MoveThirty.com 

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