Homes 5 miles from Honeywell Price Rd, Chandler AZ


Are you a Honeywell employee? Our exclusive corporate home program for Honeywell employees is second to none.

What you get:

Buyers – Our buyer concierge team puts you first. Your Concierge will ensure that your real estate agent, your mortgage broker, your insurance agent and most importantly YOU, are constantly informed of the progress. We have all sorts of programs available,honeywell logo including down payment & closing cost assistance. Because we have a concierge team and not a single person,  you can communicate mostly anytime of day, via phone, email, text, facebook, twitter or our private concierge communication platform. This service is FREE.

Sellers – Tap into our network! Not only do you receive top notch local and relocation marketing, we are a part of the MoveThirty Relocation Partners Network, we have the largest network of buyers with MoveThirty. We have access to not only local coop-agents and buyers via our MLS but a national network of over 100,000 agents and buyers.  (Timeline to close: Marketing time plus 30-45 day closing on average). Our Realtor commissions ARE favorable for Honeywell employees.

We have other seller programs available: 

    • Quick Close Program: We have a quick close cash buy option (Timeline to close: Usually can close in 10 days or less with our pre-qualified cash buyers)
    • Home Program 101 Pre Qualified Program: Sell to a pre-qualified Home Program 101 buyer. (Timeline to close: Usually a 45 day close if we have a match.