National Relocation Guide launches in Phoenix []

December 20, 2013

The National Relocation Guide announces today their website is “open for business”. The first city to launch a local guide will be Phoenix. The other cities/areas to follow will be Orange County California, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Austin Texas & Dallas Texas and eventually nationwide.

The National Relocation Guide is designed to be an all inclusive resource for people looking to move, either across country or across town. Businesses will be able to add their service to the guide for free. Website founder, Amy Gerrish says: “Trusted businesses are the backbone to every community. We are very excited to highlight user tips (either from personal experience ourselves or users leaving tips on our website) in the business listings. For example, you can see in this Phoenix apartment listing ( we highlight the location and school district, which is actually not a Phoenix district but in the prestigious Paradise Valley school district.  Local tips provided along with local businesses help people make better decisions on who they want to do business with.”

meet your guide 2

Gerrish, who is a Realtor herself in the Phoenix Metro, goes on to say that she is partnering with local Realtors in each community and will highlight them as the “Relocation Guide” for that area. Website users will have access to the guide for each community and will be able to interact with them, either via social media messaging, text, email or the good ole standby…the phone.  Realtors are often the often the ones attending the Chamber of Commerce meetings, town council meetings and know the ins and outs of the city they live in and work in. They also rely on a ton of different businesses for repairs, storage, pest control, house cleaners and more. If they don’t have a number in their back pocket they usually just call on their vast network to get you what you need.

The National Relocation Guide has a goal of connecting website users with the BEST Realtors to use for their next move, providing a platform for them to gain knowledge of the area they are moving to, and connect them with trusted local businesses.

The soft opening in the Phoenix market means that there are some resources available and they are adding new ones every day. To check out the guide or add your business to the National Relocation Guide,