The Essentials Box

laundry basket

The essentials box. If you are flying to your destination the essentials box is the last box packed on the truck and first one off. It is filled with necessary items to get you underway with unpacking and hold the bare essentials such as toilet paper, pens, sharpie marker, scissors/box knife, non-perishable snacks, hand soap, paper towels and other items you’ll need right away as you start unpacking.  A laundry basket works well if you are  you driving to your new home and don’t want to mess with it on the moving truck.

Which Rooms To Unpack

  • Kitchen – Unpack the food and drinks first. After all, all that moving and unpacking will make you hungry and thirsty.
  • Assemble Beds – Not necessarily the whole bedroom. Trust us, in a few hours you will be happy you did this now and not at the end of the day….don’t forget the sheets.
  • kitchenBathrooms – They are easy! After assembling all the beds you’ll be happy to put away soap and toiletries.
  • Laundry Room – Let’s face it, it’s a never ending task. Might as well get going again.
  • Bedroom – Clothes closet and dressers.
  • Home Office – This can be quite a task with all the wires. So take your time and remember to breath.
  • Dining Room – After getting the office done, this room will seem like a breeze.
  • Family Room – Make sure you have a hand moving furniture and TV’s.
  • Storage closets/Garage – Once your rooms are done you will have things like linens and miscellaneous items to go in closets and the garage.

*Be sure to flatten all the boxes as you empty them. This will help eliminate missing small items in the boxes. Also, if you keep your boxes in good shape you can often sell them on Craigslist

Sticky Note Organization Tip

post it note



Finding items you just unpacked can take some time to get used to. Grab some post it notes and label cabinets, drawers & closets accordingly. This will help eliminate the “Mom, where’s my…” and “Honey, have you seen the…..”




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