Amy Gerrish, Team Manager/Realtor

We are pleased to announce that we are growing!

Meet the team.

Robin McAvoy – Direct: 602-391-6215
Residential Specialist, Robin has a passion for people!She is a great addition to our team.
Robin can help you sell your current home and help you buy your next!


David Daniel – Direct: 480-294-0233
Investment/Commercial Specialist. David can help you find a rental properties, auction properties, flips, multifamily or commercial workspace.

Marie Phelps  – Direct: 480-250-5284
On top of being a great buyer’s agent, Marie is our account executive.After any initial contracts which are signed with your agent, Marie takes over your file.She makes sure all required file/broker documents are complete and helps schedule any inspections or contractors that needed.

The Phoenix Metro Group 2014 Market Forecast: 

Since 2011, Phoenix & the surrounding metros have seen a sharp increase in values. Staggering amounts in value were built, some areas seeing a 28% increase between 2011 and 2012. For 2014 we will see an increase in supply which should stump that sharp growth. If you were counting on another large jump in equity for 2014 we are saying right now don’t count on it. We are predicting a more healthy show in equity anywhere from 3% to 9%. Inventory is increasing and with many of the large investment buyers gone, homes will start to stay on the market longer. This is not bad news for sellers, only that the “Traditional” healthy market has returned. Seller’s will have to step up and show the real the value in their homes to get top dollar.

The shift also means that buyers can finally take a breather! With increased inventory, buyers in the 2014 market will have more negotiating power than they have in the past 4 years! You will have more houses to choose from and won’t have to fight to get your offer accepted while competing with 12 other cash offers. As you know, the market shifts all the time due to local and economic factors. If we see another big shift we will send out another report.

Thank you for being a valued Phoenix Metro Group partner! If you know of anyone looking to move in 2014 we hope you recommend our services. 


Home Values have been on the rise.

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