The 6 Sciences to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

With over 10 years experience selling homes in the Phoenix Metro, Amy Gerrish has selling homes down to a science. Learn them all as she shares the “6 Sciences of Selling a Home”.

The Science of Pricing

The first thing we do is study past sales.

Depending on if the market is moving fast or slow defines how far back we need to study. The most important piece of this puzzle is to study homes that have actually closed, not what is currently for sale. Our algorithm is the best in the business. Is it perfect? No, there are factors that can change on a dime and disrupt our recommended value. Are we super close? Yes, most of the homes we close sell for at or above value.

As a starting point, we recommend an auto valuation to get an idea of your home’s value. (Get yours here ). These reports will pull closed sales and auto value your home based on sales only. Once you are ready to sell, call us so we can go over our pricing algorithm and get your market price. We need to physically see your home to get this number.

The Science of Beauty

Buyers know within seconds if they have just stepped into the home they are going to buy.

Our minds process information much faster than one may think. Having your home in order and “beautified” as we like to say, goes a long way in triggering the “buy now” senses in a person. There are many steps taken to get a home ready so that when a buyer walks in they will know “this is the one!” in a matter of seconds.

Buyers fall hard for staged homes.

You don’t have to break the bank beautifying your home. There are many things that can be done to prepare your home. The basic premises are simple ones that anyone can put into practice. They may take some elbow grease and a some time.

Capturing the beauty.

Before exposing your newly “beautified” home to our network, we hire a professional photographer to go in and capture the beauty of your home to attract home buyers.
See our guide on 'preparing your home for professional photography'. 



We are members of the Arizona regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS), serviced by over 40,000 agents with buyers. This is how we share your home with the agents that have  pre-qualified buyers in their cars that want to buy a house! Yes, sharing is caring.

Our Network

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years. You could say we know a few people in the market to buy homes. Our network provides you with the opportunity to access all sorts of buyers, especially if you have a unique home that may be harder to sell.  And, we are one of only  a very select few brokerages in Arizona that is a member of Home Program 101.

National Exposure

Remember all those awesome photos our photographer took? Your home will be blasted out to all the national portals. Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and 1000’s more across the interwebz.  This is another great way to grab buyers looking to relocate to the Phoenix Metro.

Street Signs

Signage. Believe it or not people still drive around the neighborhoods they would like live in and call the numbers off of signs.


We will have a SmartTour© of your home created & placed on Youtube.


Welcome to the new age of social sales! Our Facebook page has 1000’S of followers. When our fans see a new home posted they often comment or tag friends or a family member that may be interested in buying your home.


Creating urgency to get buyers in the door.

We have a proprietary technique to get tons of buyers in the door the very first week it is listed. We can’t give away all of our industry secrets on our website, but trust us, this works like a charm… Every. Single. Time.  Often times, offers come along with the buyers in the first week!!!


Winning the agreement.

What if you get a low ball crazy offer? Well, we know what it takes to turn those horrible, crazy nonsensical offers into actual solid offers for our sellers. Strong negotiating skills are important in today’s market.


Closing the deal.

We cover your 6 o’clock. We make sure everything you sign is in compliance with both federal and state regulations/laws. Getting you from contract to close is one of the most important services we offer. You can now soundly and securely move on with the next part of life.

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I want a FREE instant home value report to get an idea how the market is in my neighborhood. 

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Our Agents

Amy Gerrish

Owner Partner

Phoenix Metro Group Owner. Amy Gerrish has been a Realtor for 10 years. When working with the Phoenix Metro Group Amy helps oversee the transaction, marketing your home for sale and helps the agents negotiate the best deal for you

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Summer Morris

Agent Partner

Summer has lived in Arizona her entire life. She enjoys going to work every day, meeting new clients and helping them sell and buy the right home. Her client dedication and love for helping others are what motivates her most. 

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Francisco Lerma

Agent Partner

Francisco is a police offer by trade. He works with our local hero clients, navigating our police, teachers, healthcare & fire employees through the home buying process. Francisco habla espanol tambien.

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Yes, I want to sell my home.

I want a FREE instant home value report to get an idea how the market is in my neighborhood.