Sell My House Fast  Chandler

By Amy Gerrish, How Bad Listing Photos can cost you $30,000.

Today I am going to discuss listing photos and light staging to get you the most Money for your home.

The photos your agent takes are one of the most important tasks they need to do to market your home. This is your first impression to buyers, as 90% of buyers start their home search online they immediately start crossing out homes they DON’T want to see based on photos. You can never get a 2nd chance to make that first impression.

I want to share with you 2 homes that have recently closed. Both of these homes are the same floorplan, same square footage and in the same subdivision. These homes closed within 8 days of each other, but with a $30,000 difference.

This is HOME ‘A”. The listing broker took 1 photo of the kitchen. And as you can see it’s a blurry photo.

Sell My House Fast Chandler

This is HOME “B”. The listing broker took quite a few photos, but I am only sharing 2. As you can see with home B, the photos look professional,they take advantage of camera angles and they use some plants to stage the room.

In fact, the cabinets in the blurry HOME A are upgraded 42″ maple. But in HOME B, the cabinets are only a 36″ base builder grade, stained darker to make them look more rich. Home B with the cheaper builder grade cabinets sold for $30,000 more than Home A. And, home HOME A even had better curb appeal and location within the subdivision and it still lost money.

Sell My House Fast Chandler: Staging your home for the most value

I know some of you may have children and are thinking,” STAGING? I can’t keep my home perfectly staged with a tornado 2 year old. Trust me, I get it! I have 3 boys. My tip for you is to work with your agent on decluttering and staging for the day of the photos. And when showings are scheduled keep an empty laundry basket nearby and spend 15-20 minutes to pick up toys and odds and ends around the house and just toss them in the basket. Then store the laundry basket in the garage. It’s quick easy and the prospective buyers will appreciate it.

As a part of our marketing for our 59 and gone program, we hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home and can help with minor staging. We want your home to shine and sell for the most amount money. so please, don’t hire that blurry kitchen broker, call us at 866-602-4601 or visit